Why Does The Tire Of Any Vehicle Be Black

Have you ever wondered why the tire of any vehicle is black? Why not white, pink, green instead of black


Lets Know about this first rubber tire invented in 1895. The natural color of the rubber is also milky white, but the white is not produced instead of black, because of the manufacturer added  soot ( Soot is  is a dark black powder or Flaky substance which contains amphibious carbon which is largely produced by which burning incomplete organic matter) in the tire while manufacturing. Soot is helps to increase the durability of tire and also it is helps to produce thread of tire. Threads helps to reduce the heat produce during running on road.

The main cause of black color is the chemical compound used in 'carbon black', carbon black is used to stabilize chemical and to combine with other polymer and organisms. Carbon is mixed in it during vulcanization of rubber. Vulcanization of rubber strengthen the tire with thread. Thread of tires help to reduce the heat produced while running on the road. So there is about 70% common usage in the carbon black carbon black pigment and strong phase in the automobile tire.

So the base color of the carbon is black color, as we know that if any color is added black then only black is the color, so all the vehicle tires are made of black color.

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