Todays life most of people facing obesity and over weight its like a one of disease. Overweight and obesity is generally caused by more calories intake and less calories burning. If your taking high calories foods like cheese, butter, sugary food, dark chocolates these are the lead to increase fat of our body which harmful to human body

Wann Lose a Weight without Any Diet And Intense Workout..?

Weight Losing is one of hardest and smartest task for overweight person but not impossible. Here are some task you need to do which will helps you to lose your weight easily without taking any kind of pills and surgery. Here is some tips which will helps you to weight loss.

Slow intake of food will decreases amount food consumption and also decrease calories intake. Eating too quickly often leads to over eating, as your brain doesn’t have the time to receive the fullness signals.

  • Sleep well avoid stress

Due to stress and lack of sleep hunger will increases and you start consuming more food will result gaining weight.

  • Be more active and do more activities

Dont be lazy, always be active do more work will burn more calories.

  • Drink plenty of water

drinking water before 30 minutes of having meal.It will reduce hunger and reduces calories intake.

  • Consume this foods more
  1. Eat more fruits
  2. Eggs
  3. Green Vegetables
  4. Low Fat Milk
  5. Dry Fruits
  • Avoid this food 
  1. Sugary Juice
  2. Cheese, Butter
  3. Meat
  4. Dark Chocolates
  5. Junk Food
  6. Alcohol

Better way to avoid this if you really want lose.

  • Eat Only Daily Meals

Avoid eating too much some people has habit like always having food due to this they are consuming more calories, So avoid this and consume food only at the meal time.

So it will helps you to lose a weight initially but weight loss is totally depends on your food intake and your daily activities or burning of calories.

The Running And Swimming Is A One Of Best Exercise For Weight Loss.

It is hard task but not impossible so always hope for the best

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