What Is A Tilak ?
As per hindus tradition wearing a tilak is most important factors as hindu.Tilak is a mark typically application of powder or paste on the forehead by Hindus. It is a reflection of hindu religion. Sometime It is apply on neck, Chest, hand it may be on daily basis or special religious occasions only.

Tilak is applied on forehead where ajna chakra lie and that spot is considered as a major nerve point in human body. According to Hindus  Tradition this is place where Third Eye lies.

There are different type of Tilak as different hindus traditions

1.Bindi : Bindi is an auspicious ornamental mark worn by mostly Hindu girls and women and also mens on their forehead in between two eyebrow mostly

Saivites :Its a typically mark of vibhuti apply three horizontal line across forehead and one dot of sandalwood paste or a dot of red kumkum at centre

Vaishnavas: It is tilak of clay, sandalwood paste two vertical line which is connected at the bottom forming U shape. One red straight vertical line at middle in U shape 

Honorary tilakas : It is vertical red line tilak applied by hindus raja (King)

Application of tilak has some major benefits, but it has to be done right. According to vedas, one must put on tilak using middle finger, by gently pressing, this allow electromagnetic waves to pass through and stimulates neural network.

Scientific Benefits of Wearing Tilak

Every tilak is worn on exactly at same place where Ajna Chakra lies which is the bundle of all the nerve joint in the system. Human body emitted energy in the form of electromagnetic wave especially  the forehead and spot in between two eyebrow. Due imbalance in the body causes energy loss or destabilize. Tilak helps to prevent the energy loss by cooling the head. Here is some scientific benefits of wearing tilak

1. Relief From Headache, Stress and Insomnia :

 while applying the tilak in between two eyebrow with middle finger pressed in the forehead acts as acupressure to the nerve joint in that area and cools the entire nervous system. It is give relief from Headache, Stress and Insomnia if you wear it daily. Tilak is in form of sandalwood, kumkum or vibhuti.

2.Cures Sinusitis :

In that nasal passage of respiration blocked cause respiration difficult. By daily wearing tilak by massaging the spot of forehead where ajna chakra lies. Wearing tilak regularly trigeminal nerve is stimulated by pressing this area, which increases blood pressure in the nasal passage, reduces the swelling and relieves blockage

3. Boosts Immune and Relaxes the system:

By applying tilak regularly several nerves and muscles are relaxed by applying tilak. It boost immune system and relaxes the system. If we apply sandalwood paste as tilak it cool down the area similarly we apply sandalwood face pack for cooling the face.
 So if we apply tilak regularly in proper manner it will help you to more focus  on your work because it major nerves point by applying tilak we stable the our nerves point. So it is very effective way to make yourself claim every time by doing this.



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