Generally people sell their used car to buy a new car in return cost of used car. So everyone wants to get best deal for good price. For best deal or good price you should keep in mind this thing

  1. Appearance –

While showing your used car to buyer first thing keep it in mind is the keep your car internally & externally clean it will make an impression on buyer mind. Always first impression is last impression so make sure it will look shiny & classy externally as well as internally.


A) External appearance of car – Before showing a vehicle to buyer make external surface shiny with polishing external surfaces.

B) Internal appearance of car  – Make sure all Seat, Carpet should be clean, Internal fragrance of car should is good, Clean all internal things look good & good condition.

Appearance of vehicle most important factor, buyer see appearance first while purchasing a used car other thing is a secondary part to the buyer.

2. Physical Condition –

Physical condition is one the factor consider while selling your used car to any  third person. Engine,Gear Box & other electrical operation parts these are the main parts should in mind while betterment on physical condition.

Engine Always make sure your car engine condition is good it does not produce any noise or any a vibration while driving. If it is then fix it by taking it into garage.

Gear BoxMake sure gear box does not produce any noise or vibration while driving,  also gear shifting will easy & smoothly.

Electric Or Other Operational Parts –  All electrically operated accessories should be is in working condition like headlamp, tail lamp, wiper & other electrically operated accessories.

Legal Status Legal status of your car should be clear like RC , PUC, Permit, Fitness Certificate should be valid & in proper manner.

These are the factor will rise your car value so while selling your car it should be keep in mind.



These are the important factor should be consider while selling a used it will increases the value of the car.

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